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How do I Start my online Shopping?

Q: Do I need to Register with Kisanmart.com?
A: Yes, Since the transaction is complete only on delivery of the physical goods, it is mandatory to get yourself registered for the first time when you login.
Q: Do I need to register every time I shop?
A: No, On First time registration you will get your user name and password and every time you wanted to transact use the login credentials and password.
Q: How do I reset my Password if I have forgotten?
A: On login Page you have an option of Forgot password, On clicking the same you will be asked for the mail id which you have given at the time of registration and the password will be sent to the same mail Id.
Q: How do I know whether My Order is confirmed or Not?
A: On successfully placing the order you will get a confirmation E mail and SMS with order No and details. Alternatively you can check the status of the order in the website under my account details option.
Q: How do I shop a particular product I need?
A: For easy navigation of the products for a customer we have given a filter options as categories and Brands instead of searching the whole list of products you can select a category and brand or just a brand and category and lookout for the product. And in case your desired product was not available please feel free to write us or Call us we will ensure those products are added.
Q: Do I need to search for my list of products every time I login ?
A: No, You have been given an option to make your order a favorite order and on selection of the same all the items listed will come into the new order and you can add or delete quantities and products, Alternatively when you go into my orders option and click on Reorder option all the items in the order will be reflected in the new order.

Eligibility and Joining

Q: Is there any eligibility criteria for me to do online shopping in www.kisanmart.com
A: No, all are eligible for registering in Kisanmart and shop and there are no restrictions

Other Terms

Q: What is the Minimum order value I need to place for free home delivery ?
A: A minimum order value of Rs. 250 for Crate and Rs. 500 for other than crate to avail Free Home delivery or else a minimum charge of Rs. 40 will be charged extra.
Q: Can I cancel a order?
A: Yes you can cancel a order before the material is started for delivery or else a nominal charge of Rs. 100/- will be charged on cancelled orders and the same amount will be collected from you either on reaching your place or delivery against next order.
Q: What is the Crate and why should I shop in Crate ?
A: Crate is an option available to customers as “Create your own Crate”, This is a unique option exclusively available only for Kisanmart Customers where as you can plan your Weekly requirement of vegetables, Fruits and Bread, Milk and Eggs. And farm fresh fruits and vegetables will be delivered at your door step at an affordable cost.
Q: Will there be any difference of Price if I shop in Crate and normal shopping in other categories?
A: Yes in Crate you have a lower price as compared to Open shopping and as your quantities go up the price will further come down. Hence for weekly planning of fruits and vegetables or bulk orders it is always advisable to opt for Crate.